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Alive AG Tru Colors Reggae CD Marshall, Wayne
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Produziert vom 3maligen Grammy-Preisträger Damian Marley und Tru ColorsnnProduziert vom 3maligen Grammy-Preisträger Damian Marley und Tru Colors What is the often elusive spark that ignites creativity? Wayne Marshall found that spark when Damian Junior Gong Marley, youngest son of Bob Marley, expressed interest in producing his album. The result is Tru Colors, Marshall s sophomore album recorded for the Marley family-owned label Ghetto Youths International. Tru Colors is an appropriate album title because it reflects the onsistently vibrant hues of Marshall s musical palette and references his signature phrase tru tru tru which has puntuated some of his most memorable lyrics over his twelve year music career. Interest in Tru Colors developed among music fans in mid-2012 when Marshall released Go Hard, featuring an ensemble of dancehall reggae s most popular deejays. The single was produced by Marley and Trevor Baby G James (son of legendary Jamaican producer Lloyd King Jammy James) and topped several reggae and dancehall music critics Best of 2012 lists. The Go Hard video premiered on WSHH and received over 3 million views within 24 hours of the release. Marley s production on Tru Colors remaining tracks is rooted in reggae but draws from assorted sonic influences including R&B and gospel that skillfully evoke the timbre of Marshall s diverse subject matter. Tru Colors represents the best music of Marshall s career thus far and he credits Marley s tireless work ethic and musical vision. TRACKS: 1. (Intro) It's On Now 2. Tru Colors 3. Go Hard 4. I Know 5. On the Corner 6. Stupid Money 7. Long Time 8. Strike Dem 9. Be On the Alert 10. Nah Give Up 11. Go Harder 12. Success Story 13. In the End

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